Geoff is a scientist turned programmer / operations engineer. He has worked for three venture backed startups and was one of the first employees at two of them. The Red Hat Picasso release in 1996 was his first exposure to Linux and he has been a Linux user ever since.

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01 May 2017 . . Eliminate > Automate > Delegate Comments

A couple weeks ago I picked up some new responsibilites at work. Time consuming, low tech and (I am told) routine work, not the kind I welcome. I will omit the specifics because they are unimportant but it is work that, in its current form, requires sysadmin involvement so it legitimately cannot be bounced back to it’s origin.

Why don’t you document it and send it to the L1 support team to handle?

Why don’t you automate it?

These are questions I have fielded from coworkers. All reasonable suggestions and consistent with the “Automate Everything” mantra...



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