Blog Migration

30 Mar 2017 . category: . Comments

Welcome to

It is a Jekyll site hosted on Github Pages using a custom domain. The theme is courtesy of Panos Sakkos.

Despite the goodness of Github Pages support for Jekyll, HTTPS is unsupported for custom domains. The workaround for that is putting the Github Pages site behind CloudFlare CDN. Sign up for an account, a few DNS changes and voila HTTPS.

Email for the domain is handled by Zoho

Possibly the best part, all of the above can be had for free.

The background image is a photograph I took at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.

My old blog was exported from google blogger as xml. Then converted to jekyll with the jekyll-import ruby gem.


Geoff Purdy is a husband, father and techie. He lives in the Bull City, where he works in DevOps. In his spare time, Geoff likes functional programming.